geo newbie

  • Write-up Author: bruce30262


Talentyange gives lots of tedious apks and you know how bad he is now. Let's try some interesting geography knowledge.

nc 29995 / nc 29995


For level0, just download a .json file (level0.json) from internet and use it as the alpha2 code database. Just extract the country name and send the corresponding alpha2 code.

For level1, I use the google API:
extract the location from server and pass it as the "address" parameter, the API will respond with a json format response. Parse the json and get the correct country name. Notice that sometimes google API sometime respond a wrong country(mostly it respond US instead of the correct country), so we will need to handle some special cases(hard-code the correct answer).

For level2, I just hard-code all the answer in the script.